Fast Foods And Fast Food

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Fast food is defined as “easily prepared processed food served in snack bars and restaurants as a quick meal or to be taken away.”. The first fast food restaurant was developed in America, 1948. Fast food is now recognized globally, generating an annual revenue of $570 billion. However, this ever growing market is associated with higher BMI and weight gain. I investigated whether exposure to fast food advertising via television increases fast food consumption, and whether our fast food consumption differs with age. A CATI telephone survey was conducted using 400 participants across the UK, and it was found that the more TV watched at the weekends correlated positively with the amount of fast food purchased. Additionally, it was found that adolescents and young adults consume the highest levels of fast food. Implications of this research include fast food awareness programs targeted at the high risk age groups, and a reduction in televised fast food adverts.

A predicted quarter to one third of all TV adverts in the US are related to food. 90% of these are aimed specifically at young children and adolescents, and consist of foods high in fat, sugar or sodium (Powell et al, 2007). It is also identified that “cultivation research maintains that cumulative exposure to TV influences audiences’ views of and beliefs about the real world”, therefore, the amount of TV watched is likely to affect the way people perceive the consequences of eating fast food. Here, it’s likely to

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