Fast Foods And Fast Food

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When it comes to fast food it is just what it is fast food. On a busy or slightly rough day it’s so easy and typical to grab some food on the go and keep it moving. Are we able to find a solution to fast food and its nutritional value of being healthy rather than unhealthy? Fast food comes in handy and gives you a satisfying taste and is a quick fix to feed your hunger at that moment which leads to no kind of nutritional nourishment for your body. It gives the body what it needs at the moment such as energy but also some health sides effects often occur when too much fast food is consumed. Fast foods are considered to be highly processed foods that are produced from animals such as the meat of the hamburgers you grab from the…show more content…
The Kotter’s 8-step Approach is one of the most widely used planning methods Weiss (2016). It is also utilized as planning diagnosis, as well as a method for implementing projects of change. The eight steps are as follows:
Step 1. Establish a sense of urgency.
Step 2. Form a powerful guiding coalition.
Step 3. Develop a vision and strategy.
Step 4. Communicate the change vision.
Step 5. Empower others to act on the vision.
Step 6. Generate short-term wins.
Step 7. Consolidate gains and produce more change.
Step 8. Anchor new approaches in the culture.
Wendy’s may have to a step up and make a few changes throughout the company’s time line of being in business whether it was to add or take away from its menu. The company will have to dig pretty deep to see just how much they want the change to happen and just how much they are willing to go through to make a change for the better and to increase in sales. The company will have to do research in order to figure out how they can incorporate healthier foods into their brands as a whole and still stay afloat with their competitors and customers. Wendy’s will have to revisit the previous vision and add to it or take away from it in order to carters to making the company better and successful. First the owner will have to establish a sense of urgency to know that a change is needed and
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