Fast Foods And Fast Food

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Fast food, by name itself is the food that consumes comparatively less amount of time to be prepared than the food that we order from the restaurants. They are preheated and precooked which is served to customer in a packaged form or take away. Fast foods are the most common food these days and these restaurants are growing rapidly worldwide. People of all ages love fast food and it is more popular among young people. The important reasons for this business to grow are the busy schedule people have today. Fast food saves a lot of time and is providing employment to large number of people. In contrary to that, it is unhealthy, and people are gaining weight constantly.
Fast food saves a lot of time. It is easier to cook and faster to deliver to the people. I have always been thankful to fast food restaurants whenever I am late to work or I am not able to cook food for me. For instance, in fast foods like McDonalds, Subway, Chipotle and so on, it does not even take 5 minutes to make an order the food. Unlike, if we go to dine in restaurants they take a lot of time to make an order and then bring it to the guest. It almost takes s 45 minutes to finish eating after I get to the restaurants. If I calculate the time, fast food is saving 5 hours and 25 minutes a week, which is a plenty of time. Similarly, the most common and famous facility that the fast food restaurants are having these days is the drive thru facilities. It is very helpful to the people with busy routine. In this…

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