Fast Foods : Fast Food Restaurants

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Fast Foods in America Fast food restaurants have always been extremely successful and are experiencing an increase in popularity in America. The ongoing question all consumers have is which one is the best. Everyone has their opinion on which one they like best, but what about the actual quality and health of the foods served? When one is choosing to eat at one of these restaurants, they may just simply choose one without evaluating things such as food quality, prices, and service experience. Two of these major food chains are Burger King and Wendy’s with Wendy’s placing third out of the most popular food chains in the world behind MacDonald’s and Burger King. When passing by one of these places, the first thing consumers notice is the huge sign in front of the restaurant whose main purpose is to attract people inside. One can either choose to eat inside or get a quick meal through a drive thru. Although all of these brands are different, the overall look of them appears similar. This is even more true when comparing restaurants of the same brand. For example, all Wendy’s building will have the same general outlook and atmospheric feel to it. The same goes for Burger King as well. Although over the years, these companies have been making subtle, yet drastic enough changes to their company’s look and feel in order to keep up with today’s changing economy and consumer expectations. This being said, some things have not changed. Things such as the logo of Wendy’s and Burger
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