Fast Forward Family : Child Rearing, Class, And Many More

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Family is a term that is relatable to many people in different ways. It has a range of definitions, perspectives, methods, and outcomes. Fast Forward Family demonstrates the methods and results of these family ideologies by using CELF families as an example. This book not only proves the effectiveness of some styles of parenting, but also gives an enormous amount of insight into the process of these techniques both mentally and psychologically. Fast Forward Family allows us to have a more broad understanding of different issues parents have to tackle in their personal and family lives. It sheds light on topics such as gender, child rearing, class, and many more. Fast Forward Family also goes into the depth of many issues that have more rooted concerns like how working parents are treated when coming home, the amount of chaos an average American family holds, the way children are disciplined and schooled, and many more that are further discussed. A very important and relevant theme that stood out to me throughout this book was gender. I felt it was very prominent in many of the chapters and was a significant factor in how the parents approached and raised their children. It was clear that gender was also an influence in the way the children were disciplined and how responsibilities were delegated throughout the household, how families interacted, and how stress was handled. When it comes to disciplining children, the techniques you may choose to use on one child would be
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