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Fast food or Bastard food? Figure 1: . In 2010 A cartoon by Piraro about how fast food effect pigeons which representing the people who addicted on fast food. In the 21 century, people are suffering from all kinds of diseases and over 85% of them are caused by, an unhealthy, diet. In the United States, 25% of Americans eat fast food every day, which can cause heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, starting with overweight. McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and Burger King are very popular, fast food restaurant selling their burgers and fries in the airport, street shop, next to Wal-Mart and college. The cartoon on the right was posted by cartoon artist Piraro on August 10, 2010. The cartoonist's opinion is ironic because…show more content…
The high levels of calories, fat and sodium in most fast food Figure 2: In 2009 a cartoon by Vanessa about how contradiction and irony happened when "healthy meals" shows up in fast food restaurant can eventually lead to other health problems. The cartoon on the right hand side was posted By Vanessa on November 10 2009. Sarcasm and ridicule are used to portray the cartoonist's opinion that no matter how "healthy" the fast food will become, because people are going to walk into the restaurant and order the same burgers and fries as they always did. People who are doing this are doing so out of laziness and addiction. So that, there is no other way except getting fat and unhealthy again. In the cartoon, The "Mchealthy" meal advertisement, the almond and the low-cal mandarin are only decorations for the unhealthy burgers and fries. The waiter with a pair of big glasses, represent, careless employee, and the words said the consumer offer more options "yeah... a big Mac and some fries" implies that he does not really care about the "Mchealty" meal, but only the burgers and fries that can satisfy him. The rhetorical appeals in Figure 2 include logos and ethos. The author argued that, eating healthy food like vegetable and nuts will actually make people healthier, but , not when they are mixed with fast food. This represents pathos because the characteristic of the person who is buying the food is still shown as a fat man, and it is a

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