Fast Track Mentor Analysis

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During my senior year, I have dedicated over thirty hours to mentoring an at-risk student at my high school through the Fast Track program. Originally, I thought that mentoring would be all about helping a younger student with academic skills. However, it has turned out to be that and so much more.

To begin, because the Fast Track advisor knows that I have excellent communication skills, she assigned me one of the most challenging mentees enrolled in the program. For example, many teachers reported that my mentee’s behavior was some of the worst that they had ever seen in a school setting. At times, he would fly into a fit of rage at the slightest provocation. He was also a constant distraction in class, a student who would frequently interrupt the teacher and disrespect other students. Every. Day. His behavior was so outrageous that by the third week of the school year, he received an out-of-school suspension.
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Although the task seemed daunting, I decided that I would put my best efforts into helping him. By the time he returned to school after his suspension, my mentee’s grades were all D’s and F’s. His response was to make excuses and rationalize that grades don’t really matter. By the end of the quarter, my mentee raised his grades to C’s and learned an important lesson along the way: when you make a mistake, it is not time to stop trying; you must try even harder and go beyond what is asked.
My dedication to helping my mentee with academics helped him realize how much I care about his success, and not just his grades. For me, success is not quantified by grades, but rather by one’s positive contributions to society, and in his case the school setting, so in addition to working to help my mentee with grades, I also worked to help him develop better behaviors in
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