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Fast Zara, Fast Fashion Introduction Everyone, no matter youngsters or middle-aged mothers, love to buy clothes and keep updated on latest fashion trend. In the past, people could only consume western styles clothing if they are rich enough to go shopping by travelling in European countries or able to afford expensive air mail to send the consumed western clothes back from overseas. However, it took a period of time and the fashionable clothing may become “old” at the time received. As the information technology grows rapidly and, at the same time, trend of globalization makes the world become flat, people in every corner of the world receive updated news and knowledge quickly. They started to learn cultures from different part of the…show more content…
Hong Kong Business Environment Hong Kong business environment is very special compared with other cities in Asian, or even all over the world. Hong Kong was British colony for more than 150 years which has left significant influence on the population and history of Hong Kong, especially the legal and educational foundation. Unlike long-term orientation held in Chinese, Hong Kong people tend to have a short-term orientation, i.e. short-term measures and quick profits. Although we are influence deeply by Chinese values through traditional family education and parents and elderly, Hong Kong people see themselves a mixture of Eastern and Western values, cultures and practices. This might be because most of the business leaders have been educated abroad or have graduated from local business schools which emphasize lot on Western business theories (Holt and Mailer, 1992). Such uniqueness makes culture-driven analysis worthy to Hong Kong people. PESTLE Analysis for Hong Kong Business Environment PESTLE Analysis is a new version of “PEST Analysis”. This external, strategic analysis gives overview of different macro-environmental factors of a particular area for understanding market growth or decline, business position, potential and direction for operations. “PESTLE” stands for political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors, using for environmental scanning and strategic management. Legal and

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