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Design Merit Pay It is vital that FastCat employees understand how merit pay works. Ensuring they are educated about the pay system will give them a clear understanding of how each person is paid and will show them that each employee has the same potential to move up the pay scale by attaining more education, increasing their skill level, being accountable and having good communication with customers. During employee orientation, new hires will be provided both verbal and written education with regard to merit pay. They will be given an opportunity to ask questions to make certain they understand how it works. The merit pay will be discussed with each employee during their yearly review so they know where they stand and give them a…show more content…
At the end of each performance year, employees will be evaluated on their performance for the previous year. The performance ratings will go from 1 being the lowest to 5 being the highest. How they rank for the year will determine bonuses, if any, as well as any increase to their base pay. The following table illustrates how the performance rating is distributed. Rating | Rating anchor | % employees receive | 5 | Far exceeded requirements | 25% | 4 | Exceeded requirements | 55% | 3 | Met requirements | 14% | 2 | Met some requirements | 6% | 1 | Did not meet some requirements | 0% | How an employee performs throughout the year is rewarded each year they remain at FastCat. This reflects the company objective to implement a point system based on level of education, skills and experience, performance, accountability and customer interaction, which will attract and retain qualified and talented individuals to represent our company. The following table displays the recommended merit increase for each year. Though all employees are included in the merit plan, they do not receive the same pay. This plan encourages employees to continue to strive for excellence by attaining higher levels of education and increasing their skills. If workers fail to meet any requirements in a year, they can see where they need improvement in order to increase their base pay. Those that far

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