Fastenal Case

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Fastenal’s mission statement is “We are where you are”. Their vision is to grow the professional relationships the employees have with their customers all while increasing the companies’ profits. As stated in the first assignment Fastenal has adapted well to new technology over time. One downfall that is still present is there is not remote access for employees to log into Fastenal’s employee portals and for the Fastenal vending machines, employees have to use a separate log in. This has caused delays in answers to customer’s questions, vending machine downtime, and delayed orders. With access to one remote site, Fastenal employees can eliminate all of these problems. I.T. plays a major role in this plan because without it the software would not exist. Fastenal will need…show more content…
Even though the technology will be the same, it will still give Fastenal a competitive edge because Fastenal is further advanced than its competitors in other areas. This remote login will just give another added value for its customers. Some of the IT work will be outsourced to companies that can handle developing this software at this capacity. The only political or social trends I would see affecting this plan would something that would affect the overall profits of the company. If Fastenal had to let go of workers in the field visiting customers or went with a new dynamic where sales reps did not go to customer sites this login would not be needed. Once this remote login is setup through the entire company, it will make tasks so much easier for Fastenal employees. Because of it, not only will the employees benefit, but also the customer. Customer will get answers on the spot, orders can be taken that minute, and planning for ETA’s will be easier. Fastenal employees should see a sales increase which in return would mean larger commission checks for them. The company overall should see higher profits. Fastenal’s new mission statement could be “We are where you are with
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