Faster Decision Making : Technology

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Faster decision-making Faster decision-making is often cited as a major benefit that results from employees having access to real-time data at the point of action. Enterprise mobility is essential to enterprises interested in providing on-demand services both inside and outside the workplace environment at the point where it matters most- the point of action and the point of a decision (Gunnarson, 2012). Mobility enhances the decision-making process by providing relevant information anytime, anywhere. Not only is faster decision-making possible, but mobility promises agility for employees to accelerate and improve core business processes (Gunnarson, 2012). In doing so, productivity is heightened due to the empowerment of employees ‘on the field’ wherever they may be. Thus, enterprise mobility can serve mobile employees in achieving much more consistent access to necessary corporate information, as well as access to the appropriate colleagues, and the platform to continually engage with clients. Team collaboration The performance levels gained from the use of mobile technologies can be used to support employees in engaging in fluid working practices with few boundaries hindering interaction. It is provided with opportunities when team members are both scattered and moving, rather than when everyone is situated within the same office environment (Sorenson, 2011). For instance, in using mobile office applications, employees have instant access to e-mails the moment it reaches
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