Fastfit Case Study

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General Question

1. Mark the main flows of goods and money in the diagram (above) and employ a key or table of descriptive elements to explain your answer (i.e., more than just two words). [Note: you can complete the drawing in PowerPoint and then copy/paste if that is easier for you.]
|[pic] |

|Key Symbol |Explanation |
|red |The store sells goods to the customer. |
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Assume HQ is responsible for replenishing inventory at the stores. a) What information is needed and how is it used to decide what to send to each store? b) Where does the information come from? c) Why didn’t we have each store decide what to order from the warehouse? a. Information ( Decision
|Information |Drives Which Decision |
|Customer identity |The quality and price of merchandise |
|Customer preferences |What items to order more or less of |
|Inventory turnover |When to put out new
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