Fat: A Fictional Narrative Essay

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Him bending to pick his clothes from the floor always made me raise my head from the pillow. Him leaving was his best side. He liked to see the back of me as well. It was a relief. But to say it out loud would not be good. So we pretended it was all happy sunshine everyday. “You going to the store already?” “Uh huh.” Jesus, he couldn't even bother answering me properly and here I was making an effort. I rolled my back to him and drew the cover over my head. “Have a good day.” “Uh huh.” Closing my eyes, I faked sleep so he wouldn't feel the need to kiss before he left. I listened to the emptiness of the house after the front door closed. “It came out of the sky” by CCR woke me. I flipped the sheet off my head, leaned over and fumbled…show more content…
Violet spread a paper napkin next to me and sat down so close that her shoulder rubbed mine. She bumped it cozily. “Jesus Vi, be careful.” Coffee spouted out of the lid and on the concrete as I jerked my legs apart so it wouldn't hit my knees. She ignored me and took the cup from my hand. “He's the one I've been talking about.” My mind ran through the list of guys she'd been on about over the last few weeks. There were the three she was interested in as prospective boyfriends but he didn't fit that profile, not being blond and big shouldered. He could be the terrorist suspect but then she'd been too friendly. Oh, he was that one. “He's perfect.” She hissed in my ear. Her coffee breath moist on my cheek. “All you need to do is keep smiling. He likes that.” She tapped her cup against mine in a salute and took another sip. Okay, maybe. I watched him out of the side of my eyes while pretending to gaze aimlessly at the people walking by. “He seems busy.” There was a line of three that kept itself pretty regular. When one left the front, another joined the rear. “Well, it is after twelve a fucking o clock. Ten is usually his lag time. Most people are at work by then. But somebody had to pick today to sleep in so we're here late.” I shrugged. I hadn't realized I'd actually fallen asleep. “He must have another slow time.” “Yeah, at about two.” “Good. That'll give me time to prepare.” “What do you need to prepare for? What do you
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