Fat: A Fictional Narrative Essay

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Snow was blown bits of metal that would dot your face with blood if you rode your bike fast enough. Rain became hard splats of gum and a breeze was something that could rip hair out of your head. Sue Lynn had raced him down a hill so high it seemed to be a mountain. They called it Sack Mountain but his momma said it was really a hill. If you wanted to see a mountain, there was the Rockies where she grew up. As if you could compare them. One was stone teeth in the sky and the other a mound of grass and gravel that blocked everything until you reached the top. One was warmed with green and gold leaves of oak, the other blue and sterilized by cold. It was like running in two different directions at once. Couldn't be done. The wild apple…show more content…
She pulled it down low over her ears. He did the same with his. They both left their gloves off, needing to grip the handles firmly. The first time she'd laughed at him, he'd threatened to pound her face in with his dad's boots. He'd held them in his shaky hands but didn't have the nerve to do it. Then she'd pushed him in the shoulder as if he was a jokester, until he laughed back and dropped them heavily to the floor. Later, they both pretended it had never happened. He no longer got mad at her but that didn't mean he'd let her show him up by going down the Mount before him. Her mother was at the table smoking a cigarette. “I thought you gave them up?” She put her backpack on the chair and unbuttoned her coat. “I did. I have. I just got lonely.” “Oh.” What else could she say? “What's for dinner?” “Meatloaf. I know how much you like it.” Dad was the one who'd liked it, not her. It always seemed to be mushy in the center but she could microwave the pink out of it. “Did you eat yet?: “No. You go ahead. I'm not hungry.” When she saw Virginia's face she smiled. “Later. I'll eat later, I promise.” Then she went back to looking out the window. She was staring toward the tree but they were too far away to see Mr. Graham in it. Getting out two plates, Virginia laid a slab of meatloaf and a couple of spoonfuls of peas on each. She set one plate in front of her mom and put hers in the
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