Fat Acceptance Movement Research Paper

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The Fat Acceptance Movement, formerly known as Fat Pride, Fat Power, or Fat Liberation, is an attempt at exterminating bias, criticism, and otherwise discrimination against people who are overweight or whose bodies do not fit the social norm. The movement got its face in 1967 during a protest of 500 people in New York’s Central Park, and has now spread all over the country and more recently has popped up in various areas in the UK. The Fat Acceptance Movement has made clear its goals by promoting plus sized models, adding a diversity of shape and size of actors, actresses, and characters in entertainment and arts, and pushing for laws and protections in favor of the overweight community. While the movement has benefitted both men and women, it ties in closely to feminism, and huge contributions of…show more content…
By this I mean that it is wrong to judge and treat people differently because of how they look. It is also important to have diversity, not only in ethnicity, race, and culture, but also in size and shape. However, as stated in an article by Carolyn Hall on, body positivity should include health. From the article, Carolyn says about people who are hundreds of pounds overweight talking about body positivity, “How could you be positive about something when you are, at the same time, actively damaging it? Being positive about the way you look is not enough, you also have to be positive (and proactive) about your health and well-being.” Obviously, this does not apply to the bigger people who are A) not hundreds of pounds overweight or endangering their well being, or B) the people who are overweight because of a health
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