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Fat Cow, with a name that would grab anybody’s attention, is an Endurance International Brand providing affordable, full-fledged web hosting services for you or your business. Even better? Fat Cow is a BBB Accredited Business; having reached a A+, the absolute best a company can achieve with the Better Business Bureau. If you’re looking for a more than affordable plan, it is very difficult to win out over what Fat Cow can do for you, for an almost unbelievable price. It’s highly effective, and for something with a name you’d expect from a dairy company, takes web hosting incredibly seriously, and allows for a trial run, just to win you over completely. It’s incredibly robust, responsive, with amazing uptime, and all of this at an unheard…show more content…
Let me highlight two particularly good ones for you now; firstly, there’s a plan called Shared Hosting: This Fat Cow plan costs $49 per year for the first year. The renew is at a rate of up to $10.99 per/m, depending on your selected renewal term. With this plan, you get unlimited bandwidth, disk space and mailboxes, and a domain name on the house. Even more, you get a website building and CMSs integration, even shopping carts.. Then there’s this: Cheap Sheep Hosting. With this plan you get 2GB storage, a free domain name, 200GB bandwidth, WordPress integration as well as other CMSs and a $100 Google Adwords and Yahoo + Bing bonus. You aren’t going to find another plan as low priced as this offer; it’s not even advertised. Think of it as the Fat Cow Diamond. At $9 annually (only $0.75 per month!). Even with its yearly renewal of $20, it’s still a remarkable deal, making FatCow the cheapest web host out there. Even so, it’s still covered with a money back guarantee of 30 days. One very important aspect of any hosting site, is its downtimes and uptimes, and Fat Cow’s uptimes far, far, far outranks its downtimes. It averages at a 99-85% to 99.9% uptime, which is amazing since reliability is a massive factor in choosing a host. It has a nearly impeccable track
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