Fat Tax, The Punishment Of Bad Eating Behavior

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Fat Tax, The Punishment of Bad Eating Behavior Time to time, the humanity is unjust ruled and discriminated by the minority that has the power to dominate them. Overweight or obese people were either target of jokes and discrimination by the society and media or neglected by the government and the health system in the United States. Even more, corporations were filling their pockets with products that were developed with addictive ingredients to slave overweight people. The rumors that the American government is discussing an easy solution to prevent eating disorders and obesity by imposing a fat tax on junk food and sugary drinks is another afoul legislation against the minority for the following reasons. First of all, punishing overweight or obesity individuals for their self-will eating choices with fat tax is discrimination. The fat tax will spread de idea that when an overweight person sits on a restaurant to eat a meal, their thought will be “I am paying more than others because I am fatty” and at the same time other people will thinking the same thought. Not to mention that the media already discriminate overweight people by advertising what is the beauty model women or men should be. As a result, the media and the society stereotype overweight people as ugly and laze. As well, employers tend to avoid hiring an overweight person because their appearance. To illustrate, the model type of a secretary in an office is a good looking woman and not someone overweight.

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