Fat Tax for Australia: Obesity Epidemic

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Fat Tax for Australia Introduction There is what has been referred to as "obesity epidemic" in Australia today. This trend affects everyone it the society; whether it be directly or indirectly. One particular concern within the "at risk" segment is children. The young in our society do not have the capacity, either mentally or the physical resources, to make their own informed decisions about their dietary consumption. Children are generally dependent upon their parents or institutions to provide them with the foods that they consume. Therefore, this group above all others deserves some level of protection against a lifestyle that can potentially have negative consequences for their health that can stay with them for a lifetime. However, there are several other costs inflicted on society by poor dietary practices by its citizens. One example is the impacts that are placed on the health system. Obesity can lead to a wide range of different medical conditions which make obese people more frequent visitors to a health care facility. This acts to drive up medical costs for everyone not just the obese themselves. Furthermore, there are also issues for the labor pool. Obesity can prevent people from meeting their productivity potentials as well as make them miss more time at work due to obesity related illnesses. The Obesity Policy Coalition has been determined to influence change in policy and regulation to help prevent obesity, particularly in children. Rates of
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