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If you conduct a basic search on the number of hosting companies out there, you will be amazed to find out how many there are. While some of these hosting companies are good, others are mediocre and the rest are worthless. Whenever it is about websites and web designs, the importance and significance of a hosting company cannot be emphasized upon much. A common name that users will come across when searching for hosting companies is FatCow. Those of you who don't know what FatCow is and what it has to offer, I will guide you through it by presenting a Fatcow review.

Fatcow has been in the market since 1998, which means that the company has been operating for over a decade. The company is known to provide different services, including ecommerce solutions, shared hosting and domain registration. They also render a wide spread hosting solution, along with MiniMoo package for users who want to start a website sooner or later. FatCow is known in the market to provide quality services to its buyers. The price at which their services can be acquired is quite low but the quality of services they provide is amazingly high.

There are different FatCow plans a user can opt for. Depending on the
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The applications are very easy to use and they are also quite secure. Apart from the variety of hosting plans that are provided at low prices for every kind of user, FatCow is great in terms of reliability. This is an aspect of any webhosting company that should not be neglected and discussing it in this Fatcow review is essential. FatCow is known to provide outstanding customer support to its users. Customer support is very important for all web makers as if a website goes down and the web developer doesn't know how to fix it, the only party that can fix the problem is the host. FatCow gets full points for providing 24 hour customer support 7 days a week to its
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