Fate And Fate Essay

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The words destiny and fate are words that always linger in the back of our minds. As young children we know exactly how our life is going to go, we are going to get married, have children, and live happily ever after. By the time we are in high school we have goals on graduating college and pursuing our careers, getting married, and living to retirement. But once we hit a bump in the road while trying to accomplish our dreams, our goals soon become ‘wants’ and we start to believe that our fate is different from what we thought and we walk around in life aimlessly looking for what will be our destiny. However, what if we are supposed to write our own fate, instead of looking for it? S.L. Scott, writer for the Huffington Post, writes…show more content…
In this play it is Oedipus’ fate that we will kill his father and marry his mother. Once hearing of this, Oedipus flees from the town to escape this fate, only to learn that by escaping he had committed this terrible act. Tiresias, a blind prophet, tells Oedipus, “How terrible to know when it does not help the knower; for knowing this…,” in this statement Tiresius is indicating to Oedipus that he did not flee his fate, for he had already committed the crimes without knowledge of doing so. In this instance it is not likely that we can escape the path that it already made for us. Another example of this, is the fate and destiny of Beuwulf in the anglo-saxon poem, Beowulf, In this poem Beowulf was considered the greatest warrior of his time and he was able to fight off anyone and anything. But, his fight with the dragon ended not being in his favor. Assuming his fate, Beowulf says, “I would rather not use a weapon if I knew another way to grapple with the dragon and make good my boast as I did against Grendel in days gone by. But I shall be meeting molten venom in the fire he breathes, so i go forth in mail-shirt and a shield.” (Lines 2518-2524), In this quote Beowulf knows that he is going to die so instead of fighting for his life, he proceeds to fight giving the dragon the advantage. In this scenario, Beowulf was in fact in charge of his fate, it was his mind that failed him in this instance. Moreover, many believe the Bible word for word and in the instances of longing
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