Fate In Shakespeare's The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet, the story of two ill-fated lovers. In Romeo and Juliet, there are some accidents and bad choices, but ill-fate ultimately brings about the downfall of Romeo and Juliet because Mercutio proclaims, "a plague on both your houses." , Romeo has a bad feeling before going to the party, and Romeo's dream that Juliet finds him dead. However others might say that Romeo and Juliet is mainly poor choices, for example Romeo only goes to the ball because he sees Rosaline's name on the list. First, Romeo has a bad feeling about going to the Capulet’s party. He doesn’t want to go because his dream told him not to. Then Mercutio gives the Queen Mab speech saying that she makes you love a person, which can be described as it was fate to…show more content…
Before Mercutio dies, he proclaims “a plague o' both your houses!” (Shakespeare Act III, scene I, line 59) "Mercutio’s dying curse upon the houses resonates as the voice of fate itself.” (cliffsnotes) Later in the story we see this statement become fulfill with the deaths of Tybalt, Romeo, and Juliet. “Romeo avenges Mercutio and kills Tybalt than saying ‘O, I am fortune’s fool’(Act 3, Scene 1, Line 98) and he realizes he is a helpless victim of fate” (summarized cliffsnotes). Last, we can see destiny in Romeo’s dreams. Romeo had a dream that Juliet finds him dead, as shown in Act V Scene I line 9, “I dreamt my lady came and found me dead” (Shakespeare). Later in the Act Romeo buys poison, then proceeds to kill himself in Juliet’s tomb. When Juliet awakes from the sleeping potion she had, she finds that Romeo is dead. Romeo’s dream anticipates the final scene of the play when Juliet awakes and finds Romeo dead than tries to kiss the poison from his lips (summarized cliffsnotes). Romeo and Juliet is mainly shaped by fate. This can be seen through Romeo’s bad feeling about going to the party, the death of Mercutio, and Romeo’s dreams. These events are foretelling the futures of the character, however they do not know this. If Romeo and Juliet caught onto these foretellings they may have been able to change the outcome of the story, but it was destiny that decided their
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