Fate Of Perseus And Medusa

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Lauren Rodriguez Mrs. Veliz English I- 6th period 19 April 2016 Fate in Perseus and Medusa The stories and myths of the Greeks have been around since ancient times, providing life lessons and morals to live by. While these stories are still studied and used today, they no longer just give basic principles. They now also show the general way of thinking people had and the connection to the world (that is near impossible now) many were gifted with all those ages ago. It gives today’s society a glimpse at who the Greeks were artistically, what they believed in, and what they stood for. For some, because of this reason, these myths can be eye opening, or even life changing. While our world is nothing like it was in the time of the Ancient Greeks, the impact of these stories remains untouched, each one consisting of a special message it wishes to get across. For instance, perhaps one of the strongest mythological themes would be the inevitability of fate. The first example of this known to the Ancient Greeks would be the tale of Perseus and Medusa which, through the flaws of King Acrisius, taught the people about fate and the consequences that follow selfishness. It starts with a simple yet incongruous prophecy, the oracle of Apollo telling King Acrisius of Argos that he would be killed by his grandson, years before Danae, his only child, was of age. To save himself, he locked Danae in a tower, who (to his surprise) soon was impregnated by Zeus (“Danae”). This story of
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