Fate Vs Fate Essay

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Fate can be thought about as life being predetermined for the entirety of your days. From the early writings from Homer, specifically in the poem, The Iliad, there is a clear representation of whether it is free will or fate after all. Although we may never know whether there is a predetermined path or rather just free, it can only make one wonder. For most Greek Mythology, it is been evident that most of people’s decisions were not free will but rather fate itself. While people think they have free will, it may just be fate after all. Fate or free will is evident in the poem The Iliad. In the Iliad, there are endless struggle between the ideas of fate against free will, throughout the whole poem. More specifically, in Books 6 and 22, it…show more content…
Do it. But don’t expect us all to approve.”(Book 22, Lines 202-204) In this scene, Zeus, is discomforted by the fact that he cannot prevent Hectors death, or his fate. As he tries to intervene, Zeus speaks out loud to Athena. She quickly reminds him that things happen in life but not everything have a justification at the time for it.
This is a reminder to the reader that even though the Gods wish to control every outcome maybe some things are just life meeting its fate. Taking a step back to analyze this situation helps put the idea of free will versus fate. Hector in battle took one of Achilles best friend’s life, Patroclus. Prior to his friends death, Achilles refused to continue and fight Agamemnon’s battle. Patroclus’s free will he takes matters into his own hands and goes into battle with Achilles armor. In doing so his life is cut short by Hector, who thinks he has slain the great warrior Achilles. This scene helps reinforce that things may happen to help fate be pushed on or perhaps some are acting on free will which make things twist. Further saying, that before Achilles good friend was slain, he was ready to return his homeland and live a life without glory. Instead, like the god’s had portrayed, his fate was to meet his death in Troy dying like a hero like his mother had envisioned. In the book 22, we see the pursuit of Hector trying to escape his

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