Fate and Free Will in Literature Essay

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Oedipus Rex, Candide, Macbeth, The Cherry Orchard, and the Metamorphosis all have one obvious recurring theme; fate v.s. freewill. In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus tries to beat his fate. He leaves home and travels because he is afraid of the prophecy made of him. Despite this, in the case of Oedipus, his fate was inescapable. Candide, on the other hand, defies his fate. He is fated to be separated from Cunegonde, but he keeps trying and trying to be with her. Candide goes through many obstacles, learns about life, and by the end, he learns that he must accept what life throws at him, and “cultivate his garden.” Macbeth believes that fate is on his side. When he hears about his prophecy, he immediately believes that nothing can hurt him, that he…show more content…
Would it mean that I will become successful in life? Would it mean that I will fail? Or even, would it mean that I am destined to remain a perpetual student because I will never find my calling (like Trofimov from the Cherry Orchard)? I’d rather think that with hard work, I can pick my destiny. It is human nature to want to have control and with a predetermined fate, this isn’t possible. Free will can be more scary than fate in some instances. Unlike fate, free will can easily be taken away. Teenagers in particular have a strong opinion of free will. Throughout our childhood, we are told what to do and when we grow up, we are scared to be held accountable for our actions because we are used to having our parents fix everything. With free will come the thoughts “What if I have the choice to become what I want in life, but pick wrong and end up being miserable for the rest of my life?” It isn’t a thought that I like to have. It is one of the many reasons why some people prefer to believe in fate whether than free will. Free will can also lead to hard work. If things aren’t destined, then people have the motivation to work hard to get somewhere in life. When I was accepted into the White Mountain School, I thought it was all a result of my hard work, and I still believe that. In my opinion, nothing is handed out to you, and you must work for what you want. If I had not worked to stay in my program, NJ SEEDS, I would
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