Fate in Romeo and Juliet

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If the Titanic did not bump into the iceberg, a tragedy could have been avoided. Why did Hitler get elected? Maybe then the holocaust could have been avoided. If a plane flight was cancelled on 9/11, we might have avoided the deaths of thousands. Why did Romeo meet Juliet in the first place? Could Tybalt and Mercutio's deaths been avoided? Last but not least, why did Juliet wake up in time to see dying Romeo? What exactly ties all events together? Fate. In the beginning of the play it is told, "A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life;" (Prologue.6) this sentence indicates that from the very beginning the fate of Romeo and Juliet is written in the stars. Their fate was to fall in love and die with a passion in order to end their…show more content…
Sometimes fate is a evil twisted, cursed thing. In the end fate wins. Fate and it's horrible ways won and ended in the killing of two innocent lovers who were just teenagers after. Then again, had it not been for the death of the two lovers maybe the feud between two families would've never ended. In conclusion, fate will always get its way no matter the
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