Fate vs Free Will

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Oedipus The King: Fate Vs. Free Will The ancient Greek writer, Sophocles suggests that while there are factors beyond mankind’s control that we have the power to make choices that affect our destiny. In his play, Oedipus the King, Sophocles makes it quite clear that although everyone is born with a fate, you have the ability to alter its direction and toll. The main character of the play, Oedipus, is based on the way Sophocles portrays the equilibrium between fate and freewill, and shows the reader, how one can alter his destiny through the hand of free will. This play shows an underlying relationship of man 's free will existing within the cosmic order or fate that the Greeks believed guided the universe. Man was free to choose and…show more content…
But in the end when he tears out his eyes, Oedipus is accepting the full responsibility of his acts and knew that he must be punished for his sins; those being angering the gods and not accepting their power and greatness. Therefore the last act of destruction was caused by Oedipus ' free will, but his tragic fate came about because of the role of the gods in human affairs. I can personally relate to this play because I agree wholeheartedly with Sophocles. I have shown you a couple examples from this play that explain how Oedipus uses free will to influence his fate. My personal views of this topic agree with my thesis. I believe that everything we do in life is of our own hand. I also believe, like the Greeks, that we are born with a fate, a predetermined path to life. Once we are born, however, that path (fate) can be altered as little or as much as we so choose. Unlike Oedipus, we will never know our fate, but I think that doesn’t change the fact that our free will changes everything in our lives. I do think that sometimes, things happen that you can’t control, but when that happens, you can always choose the next step after that. Deciding what you do in your life after a situation is not fate at all, that is all free will. Looking outside of Greek mythology and my own personal opinions, I look to the Internet to find out some more information on fate and free will. “Free will

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