Father And Their Father In Franz Kafka's 'The Metamorphosis'

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Modernist Franz Kafka and the protagonist, Gregor Samsa, from his novella The Metamorphosis have a destructive and toxic relationship with their fathers as demonstrated through parallels in Kafka’s work and his life. For Kafka unknowingly bases his masterpiece on his own life, including the struggles he has with his father. Both fathers reject their sons true selves, demonstrating a lack of respect. The sons then accept their father's disapproval and internalize who they actually are. Each father rejects their son because they wish to hone their skills for themselves, illustrating manipulation of their sons. The sons are easily manipulated because they fear their fathers. Kafka and Gregor’s fathers injure them emotionally and physically, exemplifying the abusive relationship between the fathers and their sons. Correlations are found among Kafka’s and Gregor Samsa’s life, especially in their unhealthy relationships with their fathers.
Gregor Samsa’s father and Franz Kafka’s fathers refuse to acknowledge their sons chosen path and that it is different than the one they had previously chosen for their sons, showing no respect for their sons. Because their fathers do not accept them for who they are, Gregor and Kafka are forced to keep their true selves inside. Both their father's disapproval leads to an intense decrease of self-confidence because if their own fathers do not believe in them how can they believe in themselves. Kafka writes in his diary while rereading The
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