Father Brown vs. Brother Cadfael Essay

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Cadfael vs. Brown Father Brown and Brother Cadfael were both men of the church who were put into situations where they needed to solve some sort of crime. Unmistakably the two had similarities in how they solve the crime. Who would have been better to solve a crime than a man of God? They had their differences in how they did their job as well. Most of all, they had the biggest difference, which is the dissimilarity in what they believed. They didn’t solve the same crime, but how they did it was similar in certain ways. Brother Cadfael and Father Brown were both crime-solving men, who had some similarities. They were both behind the scenes doing work, as they tried to find clues in there own way. Ultimately Brown was more…show more content…
The two of them had a lot of differences and they were as close to opposite as you could get. They had differences of solving the case but also in how they view what was going on. There way of the solving the case was different and so was their world view. Brown wanted to solve the crime and to make the world a better place, while Cadfael just wanted to get it over with so that he can go back to his peaceful life. Specifically, Cadfael was a man from the army before his life in the church. All Cadfael wanted was a life of peace, especially from his service to his country. Cadfael had felt no remorse from the men he had killed. Cadfael wasn’t doing some of the work for God he was doing the work for himself. Brown was doing what he did for God and so that the world would be a better place, and not for his own good. The cautious but completely clever Father Brown had a sense of heart, when a war hero was the bad guy he didn’t do anything because he didn’t want to bring disgrace to a national hero. Cadfael would possibly want the glory to be brought to him, and Brown would want everything be solved, they are very different on their view of how things work. Father Brown and Brother Cadfael were crime solving, God following men. Under one God they serviced. They were alike in some ways. Also they were different in many ways. When it came to their worldview, the two of them were very far

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