Father Figure : A Cold Winter Night At University Lab High School

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Father Figure, Life Coach, Friend On a cold winter night at University Lab High School, Nick Chetta, the head coach of the Wolverines soccer team, was ready to kick off. Chetta believes we have a good shot at upsetting our rivals this year. There’s only one problem—the field had been tampered with; therefore, it was unknown whether or not the game could be played. Chetta had prepared us for more than a week. We were ready to play, but not like this. Orange dirt had been thrown into the goal to intentionally distract and hurt our goalie. Parts of the field were drenched in water, making it hard for the ball to move. We were angered, but Chetta humbled us. He was excited to have a few more days to prepare. Being an understanding person is what Chetta is known for. Being understanding helps him build relationships. Not just with strangers, but with his players. Building a healthy relationship with your players is key to coaching. It helps encourage them to do better, and relieves heavy amounts of stress off of them. Being understanding helps players know that he is available to help at anytime; on and off the field. He was a father figure to all of us. Making sure we are on top of our schoolwork. We were not allowed to make below a B. If that were to happen, he would suspend us until it is brought up. He always wanted the best for everyone. His characteristics made him successful. Having everything a person looks for in a person, helped him win coach of the

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