Father Flynn in John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt Essay

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It is difficult to make the decision if Father Flynn is innocent or guilty. In John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt; a parable, he eclipses the truth very well. The scenes about the toy, the camping trip and the undershirt cause much confusion; causing the audience to go back and forth in their minds and doubt Father Flynn. Law says that people are innocent until proven guilty although; realistically, everyone knows that people are guilty until proven innocent. It is very possible that Father Fynn is only helping Donald, because he is less fortunate than the other students at his school; and it is also very possible that he is hurting the child by molesting him. The decision is left to the audience as the jury. Father Flynn gave Donald Miller…show more content…
“Maybe take the boys on a camping trip.” “The point being?” (Shanley, 2008)Sister Alyosuis is clearly dismissing his plan altogether. Much so, because she would never permit something like that, with her traditional views on how her school was run, and her plans of keeping it that way. Father Flynn makes the suggestion maybe just for some bonding time with the children, and to be more appealing to them and their parents. Father Flynn Says to Sister Aloysuis “We should be friendlier. The children and the parents should see us as members of their family rather than emissaries from Rome." “But we are not members of their family. We are different.” (Shanley, 2005) Shanley expresses a fine line between friendly, and too friendly. Father Flynn may have suggested the trip for a chance to be alone with the boys where no one would see them if he planned on doing incongruous things with them. Since the trip was only a offer, and Sister Aloysuis would never allow it, Shanley shows Father Flynn’s concept, but never uncovers his real intentions with the kids on this camping trip.

Sister James sees Father Flynn putting an undershirt in Donald's locker while the children are in their dance class. Father Flynn did not know anyone saw him. Sister James says “I saw you put and undershirt in Donald Miller’s locker" (Shanley, 2008) He may have been providing Donald with an undershirt because he did not have one, or one that fit anymore. He asked the
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