Father Interview Essay

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For this assignment I decided that I would interview my father, Joe Jones, because I honestly did not know what he did at his job; I only knew that my dad was a businessman who traveled all the time. Throughout the interview with my dad, I learned many things about the business world and what he does on a daily basis. My dad is a program manager for a company called Fugro Geospatial Inc. This company does a lot of international business and marketing for all of their products. My dad is in charge of the major projects that the company takes on, which involves a lot of traveling. When I spoke to my father about how he got started in the field he told be about this book that he had read in college; the book was about remote sensing. He said that this book was very intriguing, and what he was…show more content…
My father explained to me the many skills that are valued in his profession that make him a more efficient businessman. He said that the most important and valuable skills that an employee could bring to the table were the skills that make them stand out from the others, and advanced degrees that a person holds. Also, he said that problem solving, teamwork, and communication are all very important when working in any business industry. Within his job, he says that it is very important, when faced with an issue in-front of a costumer, that the person knows how to stand on their own two feet and figure out what they can do to help solve the issues. This also takes teamwork and cooperation from everyone to be able to get things accomplished, which is where communication plays a big role because things cannot get done if people do not communicate issues, ideas, or solutions with one another. All these different skills will be recognized by people higher up in the company and even in other companies that could possibly lead to a
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