Father Involvement : Social And Emotional Outcomes

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Father Involvement: Social and Emotional Outcomes Our society does not view fathers ' as mandated to be involved in their child 's life; it is a choice one makes and the degree father 's participate in their child 's life. Father involvement in a young child 's life, is defined as being accessible, responsive and responsible (Sarkadi, Kristiansson, Oberklaid, & Bremberg, (2008). The purpose of this paper is to examine how father involvement affects their child 's cognitive, social and emotional development. Although, emphasis will be placed on the social and emotional development of a child, in regards to father involvement. Therefore, research studies exploit measures on the levels of father involvement and correlate it to a child 's…show more content…
Therefore, infants whom have strong secure attachments have positive cognitive, social and emotional effects. Bronfenbrenner 's ecological system depicts the importance of the microsystem because it is where the child has direct contact with its caregivers. Therefore, proximal process interactions are vital when promoting positive development, if they are good experiences. In addition, fathers ' interactions with their children in the Microsystems level differ from the mothers due to their personality, which enhances their child 's development. It promotes positive emotional regulation because fathers ' engage in rough-and-tumble play and discipline their child distinctively (Pleck, 2007). Recent studies on high levels of father involvement demonstrate positive outcomes for their child 's social and emotional development. One must also take into account the father 's background that will affect the child 's outcomes. Some aspects taken into account are their level of education, income status, parenting style and family dynamics. Debates and Discussions Quantity and quality of fathering. There are diverse views in what is best for a child 's emotional well-being. Some argue that more time is necessary for a child to be more confident and have a stable self-esteem. In the other hand, fathers who spend lots of time interacting with their children can also hinder them, if not conducted
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