Father Paneloux and The Plague

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As a Christian speaking to the people of Oran, it would be very difficult to say anything to a people facing such terrible affliction. Even though Father Paneloux believed what he was preaching, I believe he was completely wrong. This would make what I would say much different from what Father Paneloux said. However, some strong points did emerge from his sermons. Overall, the two sermons in Albert Camus’ The Plague fail to help people become more faithful and fail to even preach to the people of Oran the truth.

Father Paneloux makes statements in his first sermon that condemn the people of Oran for their wicked behavior. Camus’ description of the sermon makes clear that Father Paneloux is a strong speaker. He describes him as using “a
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Even though God may be allowing it to happen, He is not the one causing the affliction. Once again, God will not cause suffering until the time of tribulation. Proof of this can be found in the book of Job where God calls Satan and has him afflict Job with nearly every affliction possible. Clearly, just like his first sermon, Father Paneloux’s second sermon displays his terrible understanding of the nature and actions of God and causes even more people to turn away from God.

If I were to talk to the people of Oran, I would first try to make clear why many of Father Paneloux’s ideas are incorrect without being mean to him. I would definitely detail how this affliction is not a result of God’s wrath and tell the people why this kind of thinking is completely wrong. I would do this by ensuring the people that God does not cause suffering in this current age and that he even wants to help everyone through the affliction they are currently experiencing. It would be very difficult to drive out the false doctrine that Father Paneloux has taught to the people of Oran, but that would have to be my first priority. Otherwise, the rest of my sermon about God’s love would not make any sense to a crowd that still believes God is responsible for the suffering currently present in Oran.
My other priority if I were to give a sermon to the people of Oran would be to focus on God’s love in the midst of all
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