Father Son Relationship In The Novel Night

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DATE 22/5/17 TAKUDZWA CHIVAZVE TASK: CRITICAL READING TEACHER: BACH ANALYTICAL WRITING How does Wiesel position the reader to understand that the father-son relationship in the text is a strength? In the novel Night, Elie Wiesel is transparent and honest towards the audience about his father-son relationship experience in Auschwitz-Birkenau, one of Hitler’s concentration camps. Ellie Wiesel provides the reader with an insight of the incessantly instinctive unconditional loving bond of the father-son relationship between Eliezer and his father, which develops throughout the novel. Towards the beginning of the novel, the relationship between the two is perceived as inadequate. Eliezer’s ‘father was a cultured, rather unsentimental…show more content…
Eliezer admits that deep down inside himself, he is ‘free at last’ and he ‘could use all’ of his ‘strength to fight’ for his ‘own survival’. The author positions the reader to empathize with the savage mindset of the victims during the Holocaust, although the father figure was vital the victims they had often considered them as ‘survival’. How does Wiesel explore the symbolic and literal meaning of the title Night? In the memoir Night, Elie Wiesel has an underlying focus of the symbolic and literal meaning of Night paralleling to the victim’s experience to Holocaust. Night can be interpreted as a reversal of the Akedah. During Eliezer’s experience, God does not intervene to save innocent lives. The hidden moral of the Akedah is that God demands sacrifice. However, he is ultimately compassionate. In Eliezer’s experience, there was no angel present to descend ceasing the burnt victims of the crematorium. There was no compassion when Eliezer’s father received a ‘violent blow to the head’, which had left him with a ‘bloody’ and ‘broken face’, leading to his unjustified death. On numerous occasions Eliezer and other prisoners called out for God, However, ‘the enteral Lord had remained ‘silent’. The lesson’s Eliezer comprehended from the Holocaust contradicted the
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