Father Son Relationship in "Reunion" Essay

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Father-Son Relationship in "Reunion"
As children we look up to our parents as role models, it is universal that we have the need to have them in our lives, to feel loved by them. They are the people who should be responsible for our upbringing and in molding the way we are to be as adults. The role of a parent is not just providing food and shelter but also providing a good example. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. There are parents who for one reason or another are not there for their children, parents who do not set the right example to their kids. In the story "Reunion" by John Cheever we see a perfect example of how a father does not step up to his role as a parent and the effect it has on his son. We see the need of
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The question of why Charlie himself did not put a stop to this is definite in the reader's eyes. We may conclude, with the information given in the exposition that Charlie knew he had the option of never seeing his father again. The train could symbolize that this encounter with his father was a ‘quick stop' in his journey in life. By not reacting with the same negative energy and by avoiding confrontation we see the growth in Charlie. We see that he has surpassed the necessity of a father figure and acceptance of being without one, even though he in fact would've rather have one. "I was terribly happy to see him again" (p207) "I hoped that someone would see us together. I wished that we could be photographed. I wanted some record of our having been together." (p208) and then he simply says, "Goodbye, daddy." Cheever does not go into much detail regarding the setting of this story. We know that this story happens in Grand Central Station and in some restaurants but this in this case the setting is not too important. The whole setting is a microcosm in itself for such situations could happen anywhere and at any time. The title does hold some importance though. The word ‘reunion' brings up pleasant thoughts. We link it to things such as family reunions where it is a
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