Essay on Fatherhood in Silas Marner

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Fatherhood in Silas Marner

Silas Marner was published in 1861 but is concerned with events from 1780's to 1820's. There is a key theme which runs throughout this novel, fathers and there roles as fathers. The common factor in this novel is that Silas and Godfrey both have a role as a father figure. You could also include Squire Cass as a father figure.

First of all, the first father was Squire. He was the father of Godfrey, Dunstan Cass and also some other children. Squire Cass lost his wife in the past and the children had no mother to bring them up. So Squire Cass brings them up easily as he can. He doesn't teach them right from wrong or good or bad. He just gives them money to spend and
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That was in the past, but after that he met Nancy. Dunstan bribed Godfrey when he wanted something. He bribed Godfrey because he found out about Molly and Godfrey. When ever Dunstan wanted money or something he would threaten to tell Squire Cass if Godfrey didn't do what he said.

"I might tell the Squire how his handsome son was married to that nice young woman, Molly Farren."

So Godfrey made a decision. He decided to make a new life with Nancy. Godfrey feels his marriage with Molly was accidental. He was young and he made a mistake. He loved Nancy so very much, and he wanted to marry her. He feels she is the perfect wife and that she will make good changes in the Red House. Godfrey doesn't have the moral courage. He thinks a fathers' duty is about providing for Eppie; His child. At first Godfrey doesn't want to have children, but sixteen years later he realises life is nothing without children. Nancy and Godfrey weren't happy about having no children.

Godfrey just thinks he can claim his child back after sixteen years. He shows total disregard for Silas's feelings. He doesn't think how Silas would feel after losing his daughter that he brought up with love and care. When Eppie says she wants to live with Silas, Godfrey doesn't like that at all. Godfrey was arrogant and insensitive to everyone. And he was totally selfish. An example of Godfrey's insensitive side is a sentence he

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