Fatherly Judgement In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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Fatherly Judgement
Spending one’s whole life trying to please somebody who does not appreciate them can tears oneself apart. This struggle was shown in Franz Kafka’s life and his writing. The Metamorphosis is mainly about father and son conflicts relating solely from his own childhood and life experiences such as striving for his father’s approval, personal illnesses, and being a burden to his family.
Kafka went through childhood and adulthood desiring his father’s approval on his work and him in general. From the article Meet Franz Kafka the author states, “Hermann Kafka was an overbearing man who was never able to appreciate his son’s special talents. The strained relationship between father and son became the key element in Kafka’s personality and led to lifelong guilt, anxiety, and lack of self-confidence” (Meet Franz Kafka). The struggle between Kafka and his father never changed; he always made decisions based on what his father would want rather than what he wants. In The Metamorphosis, Kafka writes about father and son issues within a family. Gregor who is the main character, lived his life the same way Kafka did. The only time Gregor was truly happy and proud of himself was when he was a lieutenant in the army, “On the wall directly opposite hung a photograph of Gregor from his army days in a lieutenant's uniform, his hand on his sword, a carefree smile on his lips, demanding respect for his bearing and rank” (Kafka 26). He had finally found what made him happy
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