Fathers Should Not Be Treated

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Fathers Should Not Be Treated the Same as Mothers in Deciding Family Court Cases Involving Child Custody A major argument in contemporary debates on social issues is that mothers are often favored in family court decisions. This favoritism is claimed to be particularly rampant on the issue of children’s custody, whereby many cases grant the custody to mothers. Here, the “nurturing” stereotype that perceives a mother as a better nurturer is blamed for the cases’ outcome. A recent study on whether fathers are actually discriminated against produced more controversy, as it argued that despite the fact that less than half of the cases grant fathers some form of access to children, these cases can be considered successful (Meyer). One would thus wonder whether there could be some factors studies like this take into consideration to argue that the cases are nonetheless successful. Notwithstanding, whether these factors are there or not, a keen look at the issues surrounding divorce cases show that it would actually be unfair to treat mothers the same as fathers in family court decisions since mothers are naturally or in default entitled more access to the children. Fathers are actually to blame for the little or no access to children granted to them in family court decisions. This can be seen in the fact that even before divorce is initiated or in normal family circumstances, most fathers spend way less time with children compared to mothers. One study found that a married
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