Fatty: A Short Story

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It’s not like you’re a bad witch. Actually you're the opposite of “bad” or “weak” , you’re one of the strongest witches in this century. You take pride in that title! You even went head to head with Totty for supreme! You just… Failed. and it's not your fault! It’s no one's fault! Things...just happening. Besides, totty is a great leader, even if he stumbles or trips! Or gets really drunk and fells on top of you, telling you you’re pretty or hot or both. Puting his hands all over you, as well as trying to pull up your skirt. Then pass out in the Courtyard, forcing you to, once again, drag him to bed. He’s not a bad leader, he’s just having fun. And who can blame him? You got all this power, money and fame in your hand! Not only that, he’s…show more content…
He walks up to the flower, he replied to your question “all i know is 5 girls were attacks. In the in the span of 3, 4 months? Besides that, i know nothing, i don't know who was the attacker or wha-” “We don’t know who the attacker was either, but we have a hint.” You interrupt him. His back is turn towards you, you can see his faces, so you don’t know what he’s thinking. He looks to be picking some of the blue flowers and making a small ring with them. You decide to continue and not wait for his response. “We need you Totty...please don’t go away again. These girls are so scared and i'm worried for them, we can’t even let them outside the Academy.” you're panicking now, eyes focusing on the beautiful green grass, playing with your fingers, trying to calm yourself down but, then, Someone grab your hands. He holds on to both your hands with one of his first, just rubbing his thumbs over your knuckles. Then lets go of the left and lift your right one. He reveals his other hand is holding a beautiful flower bracelet made with the blue cosmos flower. He slips it on your wrist, then lift your hand higher to his lips. He kisses your hand. ‘When did this become normal’ you thought. He always does this, showering you with little affection, whether it be kissed on the hand or cheek, hugs to the side or full blown hugs, he shows that he cares ‘or is something
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