Faults in Today's Prison Systems

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As a result of this epidemic, prisons have a higher recidivism rate and over 40 percents are currently operating over maximum capacity (Holder.) Through different types of research, we are finding out that our prison systems are no longer effective and there is a serious need for improvement. The United States has only 5 percent of the world’s population, yet we incarcerate almost ¼ of the worlds prisoners (Holder.)
Since a time before people can even remember there have been different types of ways to make people pay for their wrongdoings. Prior to the 19th century, prisons kept criminals in their grasp until the full punishment was ensued. Many time these punishments involved public humiliation, physical pain, and emotional pain. This kind of tactic went on until it was discovered to be more or less ineffective. (Aging Inmates) The Quakers attempted to make a different approach to trying the “fix” people. They started to use the techniques of religious teachings and solitary confinement to try to turn people around for the better. All the these techniques were used with consideration of the crimes that has been committed. (Aging Inmates) During the Victorian Era, the use of extreme physical labor became very popular. Audiences would come and watch as criminals had to undergo extreme physical…
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