Faunia Farley - the Human Stain

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Faunia Farley.

Besides Coleman Silk, the major charater of The Human Stain. By my own opinion, the most interesting charatcer too. She started off as a rich privileged kid who, at the age of 14, had been struck by the worst thing that can happen to a girl at the very edge of her puberty – having a spoiled mother who cared more about the money than for her own daughetr, Faunia had to face an abusing stepfather who found her chilish innocence and beauty too powerful sexual bate to endure. Running away at such early and immature years of her life and staying completely alone and protected only by clear sky and an empty wallet, she had been forced to put up with the worst kind of jobs and worst kind of men that could possibly be found. In
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He is different from all the other guys that she ever had a bad luck to know, but nonetheless all she wants of him is «a non-pressure bang, once a week, on the sly, with a man who's been through it all and is nicely cooled out.» (p. 40). She plays her role, she satisfies him like no other woman ever before, sho doesn't want anything else from him, no expectations, no feelings, no true relationship, she's becoming his Voluptas. And when «she knows it's happening: that thing, that connection» between them, when she dances for him and «making him fall in love with her» she says to him: «We've got all we need. We don't need love. Don't diminish yourself – don't reveal yourself as a sentimental sap. You're dying to do it, but don't. Let's not lose this.» (p. 231). She knows she's driving him nuts, she knows that her rejection of his feelings makes him want to attach to her sentimentaly even more. She dances for him and teaches him what life really is. She – a 34-year-old illiterate janitor, teaches him – colledge proffessor, ex-dean, a member of highest rank of society class, what life is all about. He's never seen her dance like this, he's never heard her talking like this. Been so long since she talked like this, she'd have thought she'd forgotten how. So very long in hiding. Nobody heard her talking like this. This is not the usual way she entertained men (p. 231./232).

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