Faust By Goethe Research Paper

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Faust Romanticism is the belief that poetry is an imitation of life and that feelings and emotion were more reliable than a scientific thought. During the Romanticism, society in this period focused a lot on nature and imagination because romanticism had and has no definable standards. The Romantic Period also had a big interest in finding the truth in everything, especially in unique individuals. Due to the way they saw the world they valued every individual thing, and the size or color had no matter to them. “Faust,” by Goethe is a non-fiction story written in the Romantic period, this story is a good example of this particular period because it really truly reflects what the characteristics of this romantic period of time were all about.…show more content…
When deciding whether to go good or evil that is a decision one must make which makes is an individual responsibility. With that being said, people possess free will, so not meaning to do something that is bad but initially knowing that it is makes it a sin. “Mephistopheles: I to thy service here agree to bind me, to run and never rest at call of thee; when over yonder thou shalt find me, then thou shalt do as much for me (Faust 64).” Faust knows to be good but rather choses to turn to the evil side by choice. “Faust: If this will satisfy thy mood, I will consent thy whim to favor (Faust 67).” So with the help of Mephisto, Faust disregards his values and pursues the pleasures of the flesh. Faust gets carried away with temptations brought to him by Mephisto, he gets tempted with sex, women, and drinking. Faust is an evil man due to his selfish self-centered attitude and personality. In the story there comes a time when Faust becomes obsessed with Margret, a women that he wanted to be his no matter the cost. The love became a crazy obsession because Faust went into her room and took a belonging of hers so that he could be stable until the next time he saw her. Although before he had become an evil man that all he cared for was what he wanted and what would satisfy his flesh, he is a servant of God that tries to see the best and everything no matter…show more content…
By the sound of the word ‘Romanticism’ one would think that time period consisted of romance and love, however it can consist of that but it also consists of lust and violence. Not everything about the Romantic Period was all sweet. So with this nonfiction story written to tell about a certain time period, it really helped to see examples of the Romanticism period with the three characteristics that are; nature and imagination, religion, along with good and
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