Faust as a Romantic Hero

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Faust as a Romantic Hero In Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 's Faust, the protagonist exhibits many characteristics of a typical romantic hero. First, he is larger then life. He has obtained numerous advanced degrees, and conjures up spirits. In his effort to go beyond knowledge and gain experience he strikes a bargain with the Devil. He is "not afraid of the Devil or hell" ( Lawall & Mack, 444) and proves that by making the deal with the Devil. Secondly, he embodies the best and worst of mankind. He is a scholar and would be considered a Renaissance man. Earlier in his life, he helped his father, who was a doctor, treat sick people during a plague. On the other hand, his lust for Margarete displays the worst of mankind. This…show more content…
He then decides against suicide and instead undergoes a "rebirth" (Mitchell, 16). Faust exhibits pride in many instances of the play, particularly when he summons the Earth Spirit and is disappointed by the fact the Spirit does not consider him an equal and rebuffs him. Another instance is the deal made with Mephistopheles, where he will never be completely satisfied. Anyone making such a deal is obviously guilty of the sin of pride. In his relationship with Mephistopheles you see Faust as an arrogant and impatient man. He views Mephistopheles as his servant to do his bidding (Mitchell, 17). When he signs his pact with the Devil, he hopes to "experience all of life, to fulfill all of human potential, at which point he would be like God." (Mitchell, 17) Faust appears to have an emotional outburst when he and Wagner are walking on Easter morning. He weeps openly and begs to be sent to "distant lands" ( Lawall & Mack, 460) to relieve him of his pain and misery. In Faust 's dealings with Margarete, he shows his sensitive side. He is capable of passionate romantic love. While at the witches celebration he is haunted by a vision of Margarete. He becomes filled with anger and guilt when he learns of Margarete 's fate. When he attempts to rescue her from execution, she refuses. He feels deep regret for the position he has placed Margarete in. Faust show 's how
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