Faux Friendship Analysis

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Facebook Friends How many hours of the day do you spend on social media? No matter where you are whether you are in the store or maybe even in class there is always someone on their phone, it is almost impossible to escape the world of media. In the article “Faux Friendship” William Deresiewicz infers that friendship in today's society is changing in many ways, due to the mass amounts of social media and technology we use today. I believe this is true because, we as a society are spending less face to face time with one another, we allow our friendships to become shallow, and we are allowing ourselves to have multitudes of friends but very few relationships. Many people today find it hard to be intentional about the time they spend with…show more content…
We are so focused on our social media image and how many people follow our lives on media, that we are becoming blind to the real aspects of life around us. When we are more involved with media and getting more "likes" we tend to lose interest in our friend`s true personal lives, we may see what they choose to let everyone know about their life, however, we have no real connection to them. "... the new Social-Networking Websites have falsified our understanding of intimacy itself…" (par. 17). We have formulated that idea that commenting or liking someone's post shows that we truly care or even acknowledge their lives, but is this really true? When you like someone's post do you really feel connected to them the way face to face connects you? Social media is growing at an extremely fast pace, and with that our media outreach grows. Many times we "friend" someone on Facebook or Instagram that may be from another state or county, that we have never even seen or met before. What is the definition of that friendship? Truthful there is none, there is no real investment of feeling in that relationship. Too often we allow ourselves to be shallow and only let ourselves care on a surface
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