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Favorite Brand Paper – Victoria’s Secret F Valdez MKT/421 February 9, 2015 David Rubenstein Victoria Secret Victoria Secret is a company known for its lingerie, woman's wear, perfume, and accessories. Victoria's Secret was created by Roy Raymond to have beautiful lingerie that men could purchase for their wives without feeling uncomfortable or being looked at as a pervert. Victoria's Secret displays and sells items that are high-quality beautiful products. Raymond had a failing company that he sold to Leslie Wexner and the Limited. The perfumes are a wondrous smell that hit you as you enter the store. The lingerie and woman's wear line the walls with a variety for every woman. The accessories area carries a variety of displays from…show more content…
Knowing the competition Fredrick's is a company not heard of too often, and Klein is basic with no elaborate designs. I prefer the one stop of Victoria's Secret for my perfume, body lotions, undergarments, and accessories while providing a variety of colors, styles, and designs. Conclusion In conclusion, I prefer Victoria's Secret brand products over their competitors for the style, experience, and the loyalty program. I love the feel of the material when I am wearing the bras and panties, the smell of the perfume and lotions. I know I get good customer service when I walk into the store for my purchases and their online or by phone customer service is also top notch. The convenience of making returns or exchanges makes it an easy and comfortable experience. References 7 Lingerie Stores that are not Victoria’s Secret. (2013, November). The Huffington Post, (). Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/12/lingerie-victorias-secret_n_4254972.html Barr, N. (2014). A Happy Ending Right? Retrieved from http://www.slate.com/articles/business/when_big_businesses_were_small/2013/10/victoria_s_secret_founding_roy_raymond_had_a_great_idea_but_les_wexner_was.2.html Fredrick's of Hollywood; about us. (2015). Retrieved from http://www.fredericks.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-FoH-Site/default/CustServ-CompanyAbout Reynolds, C. (2014). Creating Brand Loyalty- How Victoria’s Secret Makes Me
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