Favorite Scenes from the Color Purple

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What would it be like to live in a world where you don’t have any say in what goes on in your own life? While The Color Purple doesn’t ask think question directly it really causes its viewers to begin to wonder what it would have been like to live in the world that Alice Walker creates with her novel. In this story the main character is Celie. She is a black woman who never has had a choice in her life. From a young age her father abused her and then sent her off to marry a man who he did not know at all. Her father also got her pregnant two times and both times her forced her to give away her children. Mister was just as abusive as her father had been to her and she was still never given a choice. This begins to change as she meets people…show more content…
After watching this many people wonder why she didn’t just politely say no. But this was just not in Sofia’s nature. The woman who had offered her a job wasn’t really offering a job. This is also why I think that hell no was a very appropriate response. The only part of the response to me that wasn’t smart was the punching because it was that in the end that caused her to have to be separated from her children. I think that this novel also tries to teach people to be able to control their anger no matter what because when you let it get the best of you r whole life can be affected because of it. Being able to keep your cool in certain situations is something that would be very tough when faced with many of the situations that appear in this story because they address issues that go so deep. This is my favorite scene because it shows the strength of Sofia. The best scene in The Color Purple is when Celie stands up for herself and leaves Mister. At the first holiday dinner that Sofia is able to come back for after working for Miss Millie Celie decides to break the news. She is going to go to Memphis with Shug. Mister freaks out a first because Celie has never stood up for herself before and he wants to reestablish his hold on her. She doesn’t waver though and even goes so far to hold a knife to Mister’s neck. This is my absolute favorite scene because Celie finally stands up for herself. Throughout the whole movie
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