Faye Adellah

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Faye Adellah , and the Twenty One Nursing Problem

It was May 6,1937, that day Faye Adellah and her sibling witnessed an explosion and destruction of Hinderburg, that change her outlook in life. Watching people in front of her needing help, not knowing what to do, unable to assist people in need, feeling of powerlessness in such tragic situation made her decision that she wants to be a nurse.
Immediately following high school, she entered nursing school and subsequently attained BSN, Master’s degree and a doctor in education at Columbia University.
She met Lucille Perry, who influenced her to join the Public Health Service, thus, resulted to research and studies were the main focus. While doing public service, she was teaching at Yale University wherein she was required to teach a class called “120 Principles of Nursing Practice”, that according to her does not have any scientific
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In this framework, critical patients treated in ICU then to intermediate care and finally home care. At that time, first 2 segments were well received, but home care did not until 40 years later, then become an essential part of the long term care. She was one of the first people who formulated classification system for patient case and patient-oriented which is widely use in 21th century form: Diagnostic related groups of DRGs, which became the standard coding for…show more content…
She developed education materials in many key areas of public health such as mentally challenged, violence, hospice care, smoking cessation, alcoholism, and drug addiction.
She was advocate of degree program for nursing. Her first studies were qualitative; simply described situations and subsequently evolved to physiology, chemistry and behavioral
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