Faye Carey's 'Animal Abuse Is Wrong'

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“Animal abuse is wrong,” Faye says. Faye Carey is a teen activist for animals. While most kids her age are spending time painting their nails and going shopping, Faye spends her time caring for abused or abandoned animals. Animal abuse and abandonment in an increasing problem all over the world. She is a true inspiration to many people all around the world.

Faye Carey
Faye Carey is a teen activist around the age of 18 who lives in Waikato, New Zealand that believes that all dogs and cats should be spayed and/or neutered. Even with all, she does for animals she is still able to keep up with all of her school work and other activities which show she is truly amazing. She started volunteering because she felt bad for a puppy that she found that
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To be more specific, animals get abused or abandoned every 10 seconds which shouldn't be happening. Overall about 7.6 million animals go into shelters nationwide and out of those only 3-4 million of them get adopted every year. Not only do 2.7 million dogs and cats get killed every year because the shelters get too full and there aren’t enough homes to adopt them but in high kill shelters animals get killed if they aren't adopted in a certain amount of time. Around easter time people buy chicks and rabbits, and often abandon them, not realizing they still need care and they also will dye these animals different colors thinking it will do them no harm but in reality it does. That is why in some states that is illegal. Abandoning animals in many states is a crime. 1 out of every 10 dogs get a home they will always live in which means that most dogs do not get a home that they will always live in and less than 20% of cats and 15-20% of dogs get reunited with their owner after they are lost. Homeless animals outnumber humans 5-1 which are a lot. One way to help animals is by adopting abused or abandoned animals. People can also donate to charities that help abandoned animals. Many animals go to shelters because they get left behind by their owners or they were found on the streets. Most pets that are stray were kept indoors. There are about 70 million stray cats in the united states. Animal Abuse and abandonment are…show more content…
She got inspired when she worked for one week at animal control. The first thing to help animals was finding a puppy and advertised him on TradeMe. When she saw poor animals in cages while she was working at animal control for a week she knew she had to make a difference and she did. Every week she volunteers at her local animal branch. Faye has found homes for more than 20 kittens and 60 dogs even though seems small made a huge difference in her town. She posts pictures of dogs that are up for adoption on her facebook page “Animal Re-Home Waikato.” She says, “ We picked up a puppy in the pound the first day I went to animal control and then my last day he was still there and I felt really sorry for him.” This caused her to want to make a difference. She receives around 20 new dogs every week. Most of the dogs need a new home. “I’d love to have a career in animal control. I quite enjoy dealing with people and making a difference” she says. She takes hours of her night organizing time for people to see the animals that she posts while most people sit and do nothing. When Faye is at animal control the animals get a new loving home. She spends every Friday at animal control. Faye does things for animals that make her a true inspiration to people all around the
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