Faye Carey's Fight For Pet Autonomy

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Faye Carey is another teen activist who fights for pet abandonment. For example, an article explained how she spends every Friday at Animal Control, plus three hours every night. She does so many things to re-home animals. Faye puts her all into pet abandonment. Also, in the time that Faye is at the Animal Control, she advertises the animals. NewsHub wrote how she has a Facebook page called “Animal Re-home Waikato” where she posts pictures of the animals. Faye currently has 300 likes on her page. This shows that Faye wants to show the world that there are some animals that are in serious need of homes. In addition, Faye saw an animal at the shelter that need a home. She felt bad for him. According to an article, "So I advertised him on TradeMe
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