Fayol And Mintzberg 's Theory

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Management is the process of ensuring that an organisation or company is able to operate in both the immediate and near future. Managers are charged with making decisions that will impact an organisation on every level. Therefore, it is very important for an organisation to know the functions of management. Henri Fayol was the first father of management, he was the first person try to work out the job of the managers and he identified five functions of management that an organisation should develop. However, an argument has been established that Fayol’s theory has been redundant by Mintzberg’s theory. The aim of this essay is to discuss and anaylse the different perspective of Fayol and Mintzberg’s theory. Fayol’s functions of management…show more content…
Managers need to plan for the future conditions, develop strategic objectives and assured the staffs can achieve the future goals (Fayol, 1949). Fayol also thinks that interpersonal skills are required in order to manage with the organisation’s internal stakeholders. Mintzberg have the same idea with Fayol’s function, within the interpersonal role the term of entrepreneur in Mintzberg’s theory can be explained as planning. Entrepreneur needs to initiate changes and adapt to the environment, which means managers need to plan in order to evaluate future possibilities affecting the organisation. (Mintzberg, 1973). As a result, they all think planning helps organisation predict the problem, choose the best option to avoid challenging problem and respond quickly. More importantly, they think without planning, it is difficult for the organisation to succeed. Organising is the fundamental part of management and it is also the second function of management process in Fayol’s approach. Managers need to organise the workforce in a well-organised way, they also need to structure and support the activities of the organisation (Fayol, 1949). Good organising not only helps the staffs to work in a more efficient way, but also makes the managers capable of adapting any changes. The terms of resource allocator and spokesperson in Mintzberg’s theory are similar to organise. The duty of resource allocator is to determine the justification, requests for resources and consider about
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